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According to the 2013 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts, while 78% of them have made a hire through social media. Thus, it makes sense for recruiters and job hunters alike to utilize social media.

For Job Hunters

1. Review privacy settings – Let’s face it, some of us say EXACTLY what we feel when on Facebook or Twitter. If your posts are in any way controversial, you may want to review your privacy settings to make sure your posts are viewed by friends only. Recent surveys suggest that nearly 40% of employers have prescreened potential hires. Though most are looking to see if candidates are a good fit with their company’s culture, you don’t want to lose a great opportunity because of a misguided Facebook post or tweet.

2. Let your network know you’re job seeking – Facebook and Twitter are first and foremost networking vehicles, allowing you to communicate with a broad group of people quickly. Don’t be shy. It is essential for job seekers to let their networks know they’re in the job market. Tell them the location, industry, and job title you are seeking as well as any other pertinent details that your network can pass along about you. 

3. “Like” or “follow” any prospective employer’s social media platforms — More and more employers are posting jobs on their social media pages. Make sure you are aware of any potential openings at your target employers. Search for Facebook pages or Twitter accounts devoted specifically to jobs. Many major companies, including Google, Disney, and Microsoft, now have dedicated jobs’ accounts. And, if you can determine the hiring manager of a potential job, their Facebook or Twitter page could give you a sense of their managerial style. Use this knowledge to your advantage during an interview.

4. Use groups and hashtags to your advantage – Whether on Facebook or Twitter, get involved in the conversation. If you become a known contributor in your areas of interest and expertise, you may come across a hiring manager who is seeking the talents you possess. Use your Twitter account as a bridge to your personal blog, portfolio, or resume to provide more details about your knowledge and skills.

For Recruiters

1. Show up in organic search – With so many candidates using search and social media in their job search, make sure your Facebook and Twitter pages are optimized. Fill out category, topic, and description sections of your Facebook and Twitter profiles, using terms related to jobs and positions you are looking to fill.

2. Create groups – Whether they are location, industry, or position based, groups are a great way to find individuals who are like-minded and interested in your company.

3. Leverage your employees – Ask employees to tweet or post jobs in their department or location. Chances are good that they have someone in their network seeking employment.

4. Tell everyone how great you are – Retweet when employees and customers say great things about you. Everyone wants to work for great companies doing great things.

5. Engage with candidates – If you are able to make the process as personal as possible, prospective employees are more likely to become actual employees.

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