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SEMPO’s State of Search Report has been an industry stalwart for eight years running providing valuable data and insights regarding search strategy and tactics.  In order to gain as much participation as possible and thereby provide more actionable data, we are extending our 9th Annual Survey period through November 23.

For those who have not yet taken the survey, we’re excited to announce some new features/topics that have been added while we have retained some of the aspects that have provided unique perspective over the years.  Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve kept and what’s new:

– We’ve kept the core strategic questions around channel specific budget increases/decreases, objectives, and metrics so we can compare/contrast with the results from previous studies. That’s one of the advantages of having established benchmarks over the years.

– We’ve also kept the key survey structure that has similar but separate tracks of questions for advertisers and for agencies.  This is a unique feature of the SEMPO Survey that has consistently generated interesting take-aways and discussion when we analyze and report the survey results.

– We added Social Media to the survey several years ago as it was becoming clear that social activity was being incorporated into search engine ranking algorithms.  This year we’ve added Mobile and Email Marketing questions to further gauge the expanding integration and evolving role of search with other digital content marketing channels.

– And we’ve added questions around some of the major developments recently announced (Hummingbird, keywords not provided, etc.) along with our now standard questions to help identify and prioritize other emerging trends and industry challenges.

The 2013 State of Search survey is open to SEMPO members and non-SEMPO members alike and it’s time for your voices to be heard.  Please take the 10 minutes or so to participate by clicking here.  By participating in the survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of the report as well as a chance to win an iPad 3.  Please also help us spread the word.  The more participation we get, the better the data is for all of us.

A key finding from SEMPO’s 2012 State of Search Report was that advertisers and agencies had a very different perspective on the need to integrate search and social media activities.



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