October 30, 2013 / SEMPO Updates

clickzsempo_logo[1]We are pleased to announce that the 4th Annual Salary Survey Results is now available for download.

The report provides an in-depth look into search marketers’ salaries, job roles and responsibilities, verticals/segments, compensation extras and perks, budgets, and more. The results and key findings are compared to previous Salary Survey results in order to evaluate trends in the search marketing job market.

Findings for 2013 include:

– A 10% growth in Entry-Level Employees with 27% of respondents reporting they have been in search for 0-3 years. The majority of these salaries were in the 0-$30K range with some representation in the $30-$60K range.
– Top Salaries including for VPs decreased and the number of respondents in the top four salary ranges also decreased.
– The average salary across the board decreased from $75,543 to $68,600.
– Holistic marketing that included a combination of organic and paid grew by 11%. Additional growth was in search combined with email and online media efforts.
– 64% of respondents report up through the Marketing Department rather than to a Search or IT department.

Conducted in January 2013, the survey was completed by 2,180 respondents. The 4th Annual Salary Survey was fielded by the SEMPO Research Committee in conjunction with ClickZ. The 23-question survey collected data from both in-house advertisers and third-party agency personnel including SEMPO members and non-members.

SEMPO members can view the detailed survey findings for free by downloading the 2013 Salary Survey here. You can also see how the search marketing landscape industry has changed by viewing SEMPO’s past Salary Surveys here.

Past Salary Surveys are available to non-SEMPO members as well but the current Salary Survey is only available to members. To become a SEMPO Member and view the 2013 Salary Survey results, please click here.

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