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Consumers live in social media so it only makes sense for you to establish your company there as well. Businesses have spent the last few years trying to figure out how to effectively use social media as a customer acquisition channel. A recent study showed that 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies have acquired customers from Facebook, so there is evidence that you can successfully turn fans into real-life customers.

As an efficient platform for engagement and community building, Facebook allows businesses to share information within seconds and stay linked with their fan base. It is important to establish a connection and interact with customers through this channel for entertainment, branding, and customer support purposes.

“Building a solid community from your loyal customer base is the best way to attract quality prospects that can be converted,” says Debra Ellis, a business consultant and author of 31 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing. “The people who use your products and services are the ones who are most likely to have friends and family that would like your company too.”

Here are 5 ways your company can turn Facebook fans into paying customers:

  1. Sweepstakes and Contests – Promotions are a great way to increase traffic to a website and develop sales leads. Traffic to a website is important because traffic increases the opportunity to make sales. Running a giveaway not only keeps your customers engaged and sharing your brand but it’s also a useful way to grow your email listings. Whether you are starting with 100 or 100,000 fans on your Facebook page, giveaways have been proven to increase that number. A basic enter-to-win sweepstakes with a lower barrier to entry often proves the best option.
  2. Facebook Ads – Take advantage of Facebook ads and direct traffic to your website. Facebook ads aren’t simply more established on the site, they are actually more efficient. You can entice your audience with special offers and sales. The advantage of using Facebook ads is you can target your customers by location, age, gender, and even interest. Facebook ads also allow you to remarket your ads, so if a customer searches for your product or a similar product outside of Facebook, they can be reached when they return based on their search information.
  3. Outreach With Email – While social media platforms are instant and easy to share, the best way to acquire and retain customers is through email marketing. Use every opportunity to encourage customers to join your mailing list. As mentioned earlier, promotions are a great way to build your email list. Include a checkbox in sweepstakes forms for participants to sign up for promotional deals, or consider linking your signup form to your Facebook page with an app. Offer incentives for participation with a special discount.
  4. “Fan-Only” Coupons – Having a Facebook fan base gives you the ability to stay in contact with your current customers and reach potential customers. Coupons are a great way to bridge the gap between fan and customer. Many of your fans already use your products so take advantage of that. Coupons aren’t pushy, but act more as an invitation to browse your products. If a fan “likes” your page, they are already showing interest in your brand. For those who like your page but have never purchased your product, a “Fan-Only” coupon will entice them to make a first purchase. In fact, a recent study by ExactTarget and CoTweet found that 40% of people who liked a Facebook page did it initially to receive a discount or coupon. Coupons give you the opportunity to take the conversation off your Facebook page and into your store. Using a variety of coupon campaign applications, you can easily create a coupon that customers can print out and redeem in store. If you want to build your email list, you can have your customers enter their email address to receive coupons. Also, making the coupon “Fan-Only” can drive more clicks because of the exclusivity.
  5. Post Testimonials – We all know that Word-of-Mouth is the best form of advertising, and this holds true online. Post customer testimonials to let your fans see what real people are saying about your products. Don’t just have testimonials that say your products are great; post testimonials that discuss how the product solved a common problem, too. A great example of this is weight-loss products that show photos and post testimonials from people who have used them. They don’t sell; they tell a story about their product.

It is possible to turn Facebook fans into paying customers but you need to do it in ways that are much different than traditional advertising. People go on Facebook to read stories, not to look at products. Tell a story, engage with your audience, solve a problem, and then you will get new paying customers.

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  1. Good and great article. You mentioned detailed here about the importance of customer acquisition cost. I think the customer retention also have the same importance with the customer acquisition.

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