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With hundreds of thousands of new accounts created each day, Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful tools for increasing brand awareness. As the second-largest social network, it reaches millions of people every second with 400 million tweets a day.

To increase brand awareness and promote your brand on this platform, consider these simple approaches to monitoring and managing your account:`

1. Stay In Touch With Hashtags

Have you ever considered the impact of a hashtag on your company’s brand buzz? In a survey conducted by RadiumOne, an online advertising firm, 71% of the respondents used hashtags on a regular basis and 34% of them used hashtags to search for and follow brands they are interested in. With the help of hashtags, Twitter allows companies to easily track how active they are in the Twitter community. Be sure to consistently monitor Twitter for mentions of your company. Hashtags have become so popular that American Express announced a new program, Amex Sync, that will allow cardholders make purchased by using hashstags.

2. Reach Out And Engagers-jetblue-tweetBeing mentioned is one thing, but responding to those who are talking about your brand is another. Research indicates 56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. This is a missed opportunity. It is important to ask questions, answers questions, and acknowledge tweets regarding your company. By building a presence on Twitter, your customers will make a personal connection with your brand; this will lend to your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. One company that has mastered customer service on Twitter is JetBlue. We all know how frustrating flight delays and cancellations can be, so JetBlue acknowledged this and made it a priority not only engage with happy customers but to respond to and help frustrated customers as quickly as possible.

3. Quality Over Quantity – Use Twitter to give instant updates and insights regarding your brand, but be sure not to flood your followers with the same tedious messages. It is important to mix things up. There must be a real etiquette to your approach. Take a look at Nike for example. Nike engages its followers with interesting tweets and retweets. It pulls in its audience with messages directly related to its product but also counter-balances with tweets unrelated with its sales efforts. Nike also does a great job of showcasing future products and retweets their followers’ opinions on them. The company also has individual accounts for its subsidiary brands, including golf, running, football, and basketball. This is used to keep the messages tailored to each individual audience.

4. Incorporate Twitter into Promotionsciroc Just like with Facebook, you can run promotions on Twitter and increase awareness using Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets. For example, Ciroc Ultra-Premium wanted to engaged Twitter users over the age of 21 to build its brand awareness and did so by creating a New Year’s Eve campaign that combined Twitter’s age screening technology with a Promoted Trend and Promoted Tweets to connect with their targeted audience. By incorporating the hashtag #CirocTheNewYear, the company launched the campaign that had the highest Promoted Trend engagement in 2012 by an alcohol brand and a 369% increase in positive brand mentions. Promoted Trends and Tweets are a great way to increase brand awareness because they will be placed where your audience can easily see them and can be targeted by keywords, interest, gender, and location.

5. Promote a Twitter Chat – Twitter chats are an excellent way to establish your company as an influencer on a given industry. They allow you to establish rapport with your audience and offer you valuable opinions. TipIt, an app that organizes your travel plans in one place, holds a monthly chat on Twitter where it discusses new topics and gives away prizes to participants. Creating a Twitter chat isn’t hard. You simply decide on a relevant Twitter hashtag and tweet about the topic at a set time and date. The key is to encourage other people to join the conversation and allow them to offer input. Post the Twitter chat on each of your social platforms and your website. You can find daily Twitter chats on different topics by visiting

What other ways have you used Twitter to promote your client or business? Tell us about your successes in the comments below.

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