April 15, 2013 / Get to Know SEMPO

Why are we here?

This is my first year as a SEMPO Board member. It’s also my first post on the new SEMPO blog (built by Bruce Clay’s awesome crew, thanks guys!). I thought I’d answer some of the questions I most often hear about SEMPO:

What does the SEMPO Board of Directors do?

Mostly, we have catered lunches on fine crystal in overly ornate rooms, while plotting the downfall of rival organizations.

Or not.

Every member of the board has a role, but as a group, we’re focused on:

• Education. This is my passion, and it’s shared by every board member. We want digital marketers to be smart about search.
• Brand. We want everyone who touches digital marketing in general, and search specifically, to be a credit to our industry.
• Tools. We try to provide SEMPO members access to great tools from industry members, at a discount. Don’t pshaw—saving 20% off someone’s cross-functional toolset can mean more money for Kit Kats.
• Awareness. This is the toughest goal, and one we’ve not had a lot of time to work on. But we put a lot of energy into promoting search to the marketing industry at large, and on legislative issues as they arise.

Why should I join?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Well, the $125 question, anyway.

I’m not a zealot. I won’t say “OMG man if you don’t join you’re missing out on the champagne fountain and the unicorn petting zoo!!!!!”

But I’ve got two pretty strong arguments:

• Self-interest. As a member, you get free access to all SEMPO webinars, Powerpoint downloads from those webinars, use of the jobs board, attendee discounts on a whole slew of conferences like SES, Marketing Profs and SMX, discounts on training from MarketingProfs and others and discounts on tools. If you use any of the discounts, it pays for itself in a hurry.
• Less self-interested self interest. Our industry needs a concerted voice. SEMPO’s trying to make it happen. If we can, it will help all of our credibility, which means we can all make a little more money.

_____ said you guys suck

If you want to see the quality of an organization, look at its people. The board is a bunch of fantastic marketers who really want to see good stuff happen in search: Check ’em out here. Recognize a few of those names? We’re there to make good stuff happen.

What are your goals while on the SEMPO Board?

For my part, I want SEMPO to be an organization that can teach, clarify and build both credibility and awareness for our industry. Eesh. That sounds like a campaign speech.

Here are some specific goals I’m working on:
• A SEMPO speaker series, bringing together all the folks I see give great talks at conferences. Worth $125/year, I promise.
• A steady stream of good content to our blog.
• Better transparency for the organization.

These are my goals. The organization has loftier ones.

What now?

My next post will be more of the day-to-day how-to stuff about which you always see me ranting.

For now, though, if you have questions, post ’em in the comments.


Ian Lurie
SEMPO Board Member
CEO | Portent, Inc.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a sempo member individual member from Portugal. I can say for certain that the webinars for itself are worth the membership cost. What i would love to see on Sempo is some kind of mentoring from the more experienced guys.


    Luis Osorio
    SEO Freelancer

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