April 3, 2013 / SEMPO Updates

I attended the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York last week (#SESNY) in the role of “reporter” as DBE is the agency of record for SEMPO.  As usual, SES delivered an intensive three days of wide-ranging keynotes, sessions/tracks and networking opportunities making it both extremely comprehensive and frustratingly impossible to cover everything.

Fortunately, Twitter lets you see what other “reporters” are sharing during simultaneous events and that’s one of the great things about tweeting during events like SES.  I also use Twitter as my note-taking platform and look over my sent tweets as well as the other tweets in the hashtag stream to refresh my memory and spark new thoughts.

Following are highlights of my tweets/retweets for SEMPO at SES.  Due to the quantity, I’ve edited from chronological format and organized into related groupings.

Marketing Integration:

  • -eMarketer: 41% shifting $ from traditional to digital tactics ow.ly/jo4Zr Good context for #sesny this week
  • -@McProuix #sesny keynote “Google says TV major catalyst for search” Why you need integrated online/offline marketing strategy
  • -Interesting: search conference keynote is about tv and social. Reflects shifting focus to content marketing integration #sesny
  • -Marketing change from outbound/push to inbound/pull = need for search/content marketing #sesny
  • -Nice concept: SEO scales horizontally across entire organization vs. vertically by function #sesny
  • -Good point – marketers can be too focused on what’s next vs. getting the fundamentals done right now #sesny
  • -@joell preaching on Twitter as part of integrated marketing approach. Keyword = integrated. #sesny
  • -@joell from Twitter “plan ahead to react to and win the moment” – sound advice for all marketers and all platforms #sesny
  • -Marketing integration starts with strategy based on how you make money and why/how platforms contribute to that cause #sesny
  • -Don’t forget email as part of integrated “permission-based” marketing program – especially for continuing the conversation #sesny
  • -Use Google Trends to plan your integrated marketing efforts in the short and long term #sesny
  • -Marketing coordination issues include online and offline agencies speak differently languages and so does internal procurement #sesny
  • -It is a search conference but still good point re search being the “thread” between online and offline marketing #sesny
  • -2/3 of online searchers are driven to search by an offline channel! #sesny

SEO/Link Building and Content Marketing:

  • -@lauranlippay “I don’t always build links, but when I do I call it content marketing”
  • -3 types of searches – informational, navigational, transactional – match content to intent #sesny
  • -Shari Thurow – Good SEO and link building is all about “aboutness” #sesny
  • -Thurow – good content supports good SEO findability and good user experience once they get to your site #sesny
  • -Matt Cutts says links still important; social signals will become more important, AuthorRank coming #sesny
  • -2nd mention this morning of “Authorship” as next big thing for Google algorithm/rankings #sesny
  • -Blogs get 55% more visitors and 97% more links than regular website pages – clearly a powerful content marketing tool #sesny
  • -Do you plan marketing according to your content or plan your content around your marketing? #sesny
  • -@leeodden Content creation is like getting ready for a long run – maturity model – stand, stretch, walk, jog, run. #SESNY

Social Marketing:

  • -You don’t need to be run TV ads to leverage TV events for social. Think of it as “gorilla social marketing” #sesny
  • -Social media integration starts with 1. Narrative 2. Development 3. Interaction 4. Planning. Think planning should be 1. #sesny
  • #sesny wow, real Google+ figures! 500m Google services users of those 235m socially activated G+ login, of those 135m 30day active G+ users

Mobile Marketing:

  • -@McProulx : for second-screen apps, it’s still about content. #SESNY
  • -Intent and interactivity goal is key to understanding mobile optimization – especially when paying for clicks #sesny
  • -Issues with mobile include action attribution – similar to social in this regard #sesny
  • -Google says its enhanced ppc is meant to streamline mobile ad delivery. Do you think its helping or hurting? #sesny
  • -RT @ClickZ: 10% of all ecommerce comes from mobile/ tablet. #sesny Wonder how much of that 10% is tablet vs. mobile?
  • -Telling show of hands-no one in the room is dedicated exclusively to mobile marketing. Like social in its early days. #sesny
  • -Mobile search will be bigger than desktop search in 2015, according to the Kelsey Group @brysonmeunier #sesny


  • -RT @johnmurch: #sesny seo traffic converts at the same level as direct traffic and 2x better than paid; 4x better than social
  • -Key talking points for C-suite: ROI/revenue, KPI’s/milestones, and comparison vs. competition #sesny
  • -Traffic and revenue = bottom line metrics. keyword rankings and competitive share of market = more top line/directional indicators #sesny
  • -New C-suite executive CAO = Chief Analytics Officer #sesny
  • -To kill one buzzword we create two more. RIP Big Data, hello Small and Smart Data! #sesny
  • -Good point re metrics – model what you expect to happen (i.e., set goals) and then measure #sesny
  • -Develop “Share of Voice” reporting to explain SEO and social success @DuaneForrester #SESNY

Competitive Analyses:

  • -Use social for data mining and live market research in your and your competitors companies #SESNY
  • -RT @JustinMattison: Potential competitors do not necessarily have the same business model @marcustober #SESNY
  • -Search for your yourself and you will find your competitors – don’t forget to use image search #sesny
  • -Start with your keywords and then look at competitors. Also look for “non-direct” competitors who show up in SERPs #sesny
  • -Use PPC data as part of larger competitive analysis – shows you where they are putting real $ and may help define opportunity for you #sesny
  • -Remember to look at competitive data directionally – no tool is totally accurate #sesny
  • -Competitive analysis is a great tool for getting C-suite buy-in for supporting/budgeting your online marketing efforts. #sesny

B2B Marketing:

  • -Internal B2B decision making is often done by team over extended period of time which means different searchers and searches #sesny
  • -Average 11 people involved in decision making in B2B #SESNY @mauraginty
  • -B2B SEO ROI dependent on having the right content and the right context found at the right time #sesny
  • -Nice acronym: HiPPO = highest paid person’s opinion. Not just appropriate for B2B. #sesny

About the author: Marc Engelsman is Director, Strategy & Analytics for Digital Brand Expressions.  DBE is a leading digital marketing agency whose innovative mix of SEO, PPC and Social Media connects buyers and brands.  Marc is also a long time active member in SEMPO and has led SEMPO’s State of Search Research Survey in recent years.  His Twitter handle is @marc_engelsman.

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