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In order to attract and retain good talent, look for those who aspire to be independent, yet strive to be part of a team; those who are ambitious and take risks, yet are responsible. We look for talent who, in the raw form, are smart, driven, intellectually curious and competitive. It’s plain to see that a company’s success relies on attracting and maintaining the right talent.

In an industry where innovation, creativity and culture are common buzz words; to truly embody these qualities a company must put people first. This is the approach iProspect takes in identifying and developing talent.

Where to Begin:

Start with a great hiring process.  Structure it so that the teams who will work directly with and around the candidate actually do the interviews. By selecting their own co-workers, team spirit and a spirit of “we’re in this together” is instilled early on. Empower them to pick their teammates from the best colleges around the country.

Activate an internship program. We have an extensive internship program and many of them join us full time, and stay for years after they graduate.

Give them the tools they need to succeed. Budget for additional training opportunities and encourage your team to pursue them. Focus on growing your team not in size, but in knowledge. Think about staffing a team focused on training. Provide your team with the tools and resources so they can actively participate in growing their career.

Growing talent is at the heart of what we do at iProspect. From the moment a new employee walks in the door, they join an extensive eight-week training program covering over 130 industry-specific training topics. This program is followed up by a customized iProspect knowledge management platform, comprising over 350 pages of content that is curated and updated daily by Subject Matter experts.

Widen their scope with collaboration. Each office hosts a weekly Sharing Information Class or “SIC.” These one-hour sessions are fully owned by the teams in each office and focus on new and innovative ideas, account successes, open brainstorming forums, idea sharing and introduction of new employees to the office. Democratize learning & development, so everyone is a key owner of the process as opposed to just one team.

Recognize their success. In short, everyone likes a “shout-out” for excellence in work, team success, personal victories and client testimonials.

To attract and retain good talent, help them grow their careers with more flexibility, more training, more recognition and more collaboration. Think of ways to give your teams more opportunity by creating areas of specialty for employees to excel and lead. Work with your teams on career path planning.

Give them the support to make their dreams happen.


Brian Kaminski
SEMPO Board Member
President | iProspect


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