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Yolink Review | Education Committee
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Education Committee Review: Yolink

Yolink has a nice website that is easy to navigate and does a nice job of explaining what yolink does. The Chrome extension installed very quickly, and although not slow, the IE plugin doesn’t install quite as quickly but once installed does seem easier to use. yolink certainly does what it is says it does. But do we really need a tool to search search results better? Perhaps the better use is with Google Docs, eBay or Craigslist but I haven’t ever felt like I needed a more powerful search tool in my browsers. If you do, then yolink might be a great tool for you. It’s free, which is almost always nice, but there is quite a bit of premium content (paid ads) when your looking at the yolink search results which can become annoying – especially because in all my testing the ads were very unrelated to what I was searching for. I would recommend – I won’t let my bias of thinking who really needs better search – some probably do and this provides that.

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4/30/2018 » 5/2/2018