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Industry Specific SEO Best Practices
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Research / Whitepapers

Vertical visibility index: AUTOMOTIVE
iCrossing 07/08

This research report is an excellent report for those (agencies and clients) working with the Automobile industry. It provides insights into the performance of each company in their search effort.
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How America Searches: Health and Wellness
iCrossing, 01/08

Consumers are taking more control over managing their personal health. And, thanks in large part to the Internet, they have access to an increasingly vast store of information – about everything from symptoms and diseases to doctors and medical practices to medication and pharmaceutical companies – as well as tools and resources with which to do so. Consumers rely on the Internet for health-related information, with online resources, particularly general search engines, healthcare portals and a range of social media playing a central role in steering consumers towards care and treatment options. They continue to seek advice from healthcare professionals, but when it comes to making important decisions about their health, such as whether or not to take a prescription medication, consumers also look to online social media to obtain information and share experiences with fellow consumers on topics that directly affect their healthcare choices. The key for every participant in the health value chain is to understand the journey that consumers take in order to seek care.
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Research / Whitepapers

"Net Worth (Part One)”
by Jaimie Pickles and Candace Thornton

Article series researching the online ad and Search Marketing spending of the Insurance industry. Originally appeared in Best’s Review (April, May 2009), linked with permission. The article provides new data on online insurance consumer volume and demographics. Further, the article breaks new ground in laying out how much insurance companies are spending to advertise online in search, online leads, display, online-video and social media marketing.
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"Net Worth (Part One)”
by Jaimie Pickles and Candace Thornton
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Packaged Goods

Research / Whitepapers

The Digital Shelf – The Opportunity for Search in Packaged Goods
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Research / Whitepapers

iCrossing Election 2008 Update
iCrossing 05/08

The study combines a survey of potential voters’ attitudes and behaviors with respect to researching presidential candidates and political issues on the Web, with a detailed analysis of the visibility of candidates and issues in both natural and paid search. The study finds that the number of people using online resources has grown 31 percent since the first iteration of the study from June, 2007. The study further finds that information on candidates’ positions on specific issues are still top-of-mind for voters, but the candidates still have relatively poor natural and paid search visibility for issue-related keywords.
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New Info Shoppers
Microtrends 01/09

Microtrends author supports the value of search engine visibility with new survey exploring shoppers’ research habits. Even in medical care are areas, nearly 4 in 5 shoppers say they gather information on their own from the Web before buying.
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