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2016 Member Forum - Photos
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SEMPO Event Photos



Tony Wright, John Gagnon, Michael Bonfils, Krista LaRiviere, Christie Reed, Chris Boggs, Michael Xu, Michael Gullaksen, Marc Engelsman, Barbara Coll, Corey Morris, Mike Corak, Dave Tan, Dana Todd, Mike Grehan

SEMPO Board of Directors & Some Founding Members


Krista LaRiviere, Corey Morris

SEMPO Cities Skyscraper Award Recipient


Mike Grehan, Tomasz Sasiadek

Global Awards Finalist


Mike Grehan, Michael Gullaksen, Chris Lehman

Global Awards Recipient


Michael Xu, Ruhong Chen, Yen-Ku Liu, Mike Grehan, Tueh Ting Tsai, Chris Boggs

SEMPO International Spotlight on China: vipabc


Michael Xu, Ruhong Chen, Quian Bian, Weipeng Yan, Chris Boggs, Mike Grehan

SEMPO International Spotlight on China:

All Event Photos

View all of the Member Forum photos in the album below.

SEMPO Member Forum 2016
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